Sunday, 10 October 2010

BNS Ice Breaking 2010

Assalamualaikum! Ola everybody! (:

Although it was an undeniably cold day yesterday, the BNS Ice Breaking 2010 at Leazes Park went well. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to those who came, without you, the event won't be a success. I hope everybody had a good time. And definitely, a good hand shake with Newcastle's weather ;)

A birthday surprise to Boo Boo aka Nazeem Yunos and Amin Fakhri Hy

We hope everyone enjoyed the food, the company and the park. Or even, enjoyed the weather? Although we didn't get to talk to everyone, we will definitely be seeing a lot of each other nanti in our upcoming events in the future. InsyAllah. Andangnya ni masa Ice Breaking ani, malu-malu kucing masih (:

Filling in the annual BNS membership forms
For those who have not submitted the membership form or do not have any, please contact Munirah My to obtain the forms. You can contact her through Facebook or via 07517421889 give her a call or drop her a message (:

Mann Zakaria and Jimmy!
To last year's committee members; Firdaus Abdullah, Mansur Latif, Jimmy Abas, Bebs and Nadzirah Osman. Thank you, such fantastic mentors. You guys're the bomb! (:
Former President of Brunei Newcastle Society, Firdaus Abdullah, we all love you, bro!
Also, a big round of applause to this year's new committee members. Thank you guys! And photo credits to Hifney Har, Munirah My and Khairul Abdullah (:

With love,
BNS Secret Reporter.

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