Monday, 25 October 2010

BNS Conference - Leeds BMT

Assalamualaikum, and hello guys (:

There will be a BNS Conference this Thursday, those who will be travelling to Leeds to support or take part in the BruLeeds Mini Tournament on Saturday are most expected to come. But of course, those who won't be joining are more than welcomed to attend (:

Event: BNS Conference on Leeds BMT
Date: October 28th 2010, Thursday
Time: 20:00 hour
Location: 24 Brighton Grove, Fenham

The bus fare to Leeds would be £13.50 for each person, payments will be collected on the 28th of October, Thursday before (and maybe, during) and after the conference at the venue.

More information about the trip, the tournament, and etcetera will be shared masa conference. InsyAllah. Should you have any questions regarding our trip, please do not hesitate to ask (:

Many love,
Atiqah Ismail,
Vice President.

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