Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Meeting with cikgu

Assalamualaikum everyone! As the new school year has started, the new committee of the Brunei Newcastle Society would like to welcome everyone who are back from Brunei or who have just started university here in Newcastle! This Wednesday, we had the opportunity to welcome Cikgu Huzaimah and Cikgu Jauyah all the way from London and held an informal meeting at Newcastle University!

Cikgu Jauyah and Cikgu Huzaimah also visited some of the students' houses here in Newcastle before going back to London.

Until next time!

With love,
Aqilah Mohammad (Vice President of BNS 15/16)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekly Tadarus

I assume I could just put these in the previous post, but I kind of want to make another one just for this. As I mentioned before, BNS had organized weekly tadarus event that had been going on from November 2014 to 27th February 2015. It was fun, exciting and a new experience overall. Being able to gather together for Islamic events such as this makes me feel happy and refreshing - just us Bruneians and all in one place. It even feels like home :)

We would usually have a sharing session/learning tajweed after reading Al-Quran, which is really beneficial for us, since there are some things that we thought we knew, but it turns out to be wrong, and this was a very good opportunity to voice out our doubts and concerns over certain matters. In some way or another, this has also strengthen our bonds with each other. Here are some of the pictures from the last day of the event (thank you for taking these pictures)

Yes, that's right. Nasi pulut + ayam rendang + serunding and a lot of yummy foods. Thank you everyone for making these (and different foods) every week ;)

And that's all for now! See you next time! :)

With love,
Marzarianey Metali
Miss Secretary 2014/2015