Sunday, 31 October 2010

BNS FC - BruLeeds Mini Tournament

BNS FC played well in the BMT yesterday, although the team didn't make it to the final, it managed to make its way up to the semi-final. Alhamdulillah. We are really proud of the team, especially with our players' resiliency and patience throughout the tournament. There were some disappointments and sad moments yesterday, on some faces, but with BNS supporters - they never fail to express the true meaning of "support" - now, that's our game to play (:

During the penalty kick against LufBru Samba

Here's the scores from yesterday's game:

Cardiff B vs BNS

BNS vs Cardiff A
Hifney Har

BruNotts vs BNS
Syazwan Hm

LufBru Samba vs BNS
LufBru Samba vs BNS
Hifney Har

Come on, Captain! Cheer up (:

A very big thank you to the BNS supporters who came. And keep it up, guys!
"Together we stand, united we fall" - Lynna HR, before BruNotts Easter Games 2010 

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