Sunday, 10 October 2010

BNS FC: The FA Umbro Fives 2010

The Football Association Umbro Fives 2010 Football Tournament!

BNS FC competed in FA's Complete Football - Umbro Fives Regional Qualifiers today, Sunday, October 10th 2010 at Gosforth, Newcastle (:
"Well done to BNS FC! Good job!" - Syazwan Hm, BNS FC team captain
Back row (from left) Hifney Har, Syazwan Hm, Khairul Abdullah.
Front row (from left) Firdaus Abdullah, Amin Fakhri Hy, Hadi Lee Wen Yi, Mansur Latif, Jian Lee

Details and results of today's game:
Kick off time 02:30PM
Brew Crew vs BNS FC
Syazwan Hm
Kick off time 02:54PM
BNS FC vs Players
Kick off time 03:30PM
BNS FC vs Aspers
Hifney Har
Hadi Lee Wen Yi
Kick off time 03:54PM
BNS FC vs The White Sox
Nazeem Yunos

Interview with BNS FC's team captain, Syazwan Hm on BNS FC's first tournament of this academic year since dorang balik dari Brunei last month (:

What do you feel about today's performance, compared sama the team's performance in previous tournaments?
Ani kami baru-baru jua balik (dari Brunei) kan, with 2 weeks of training, okay lah. Tapi we can still improve for our next tournament. InsyAllah. Aku happy with the performance today! Even though kalah and inda proceed to the next round, aku happy! Not only happy about the game, tapi happy pasal kami the only Asian team to participate in the tournament.

With love,
BNS Secret Reporter.

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