Friday, 3 September 2010

Hello September

Assalamualaikum everybody!

September has come, and for most of us, it is about time that we head home. Summer break is almost over, hope your time in Brunei has been marvellous and well-spent with your loved ones. I am sure most of us are ready for another chapter of Newcastle now. Don’t you guys just miss mengupi at Starbucks ramai-ramai? Speedy internet connections? Debit cards? Lectures and deadlines? The city? I am thrilled to fly back home!

Sheer anxiety, dear fellow juniors? I hope you guys are mentally and emotionally prepared for a whole new experience. Newcastle will feel like home (minus amah) to you, insyAllah – and BNS will be your family (:

Well just a reminder, our BNS Sungkai 2010 is today! Hope to see you there!

Happy September everyone!

Many love,
Atiqah Ismail.

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