Monday, 30 August 2010

BNS Video Clip Recording

Yesterday's session of BNS Video Clip Recording was a success. Thank you to our Director Hifney Har and our very creative BNS crew. Alhamdulillah, the project went smoothly and we finished on time - the Hari Raya scene is a wrap! It is expected that the crew will do another scene on the 3rd of September after BNS Sungkai dan sembahyang terawih next week, insyAllah.

A very big thank you to everyone, for your participation and creative contributions. And Bibi Khamimah Rusli, thank you for your hospitality and letting us shoot at your residence, and Mann Zakaria for your car.
Hifney Har being interviewed by Mann Zakaria

A glimpse of how it went during the voice recording session yesterday afternoon. Khairul Abdullah and Anisah Samuil on set.

Syazwan Mohamad and Asnawi Salleh
Our superstar camera operator and production manager, Asnawi Salleh, in action!
I am so proud of everyone, kamu inda makan kuih-muih dan minuman yang Bibi hidangkan atu. Hehe! Do join us next time! Assalamualaikum! (:

Present yesterday: Nazeem Yunos, Zakiah Ismail, Asnawi Salleh, Bibi Khamimah Rusli, Anisah Samuil, Mann Zakaria, Hifney Har, Syazwan Mohamad, Khairul Abdullah, Abby M. Hasim and Atiqah Ismail.

With Love,
BNS Secret Reporter.

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