Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Assalamualaikum lovely readers!

On 16th May, BNS held hajat prayer for semester two exam at 130 Brighton Grove. Around 30 people came for the prayer and brought their own signature food. This event will be treasured as special memory as it will be the last event for those who are in their final year. Hopefully, all of us will pass our exams with flying colours. In shaa Allah. Pray for us too! :)

And, as usual.. here are some of the pictures.. Enjoy!


 Some of the BNS members present on that night.. 

 Tahlil before the Solat Hajat

 Ayunya gadis gadis Melayu Brunei~

Ex Presidents: Fikar and Naz

With the Masters... except us, the committee
 With love from Newcastle! :)

Sayang abang laiii~~~~~

Birthday surprise for 
the May babies (Nadirah & Elzarina)
with Kiki's Chocolate Fudge Cake....nyummyyyy

 Lots of love,

     Secretary 2013/14

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