Thursday, 20 June 2013


Assalamualaikum readers!

On 3rd & 4th June, we welcomed the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) people to hold a career roadshow in Newcastle. This talk is a golden opportunity for those who are seeking for jobs in BIA after their graduation.

The first day session started at 2.30pm. A number of boys and girls came to receive information of what should they except during work, the job requirements and etc. The candidates who were shortlisted will then attend for the written assessment on the next day.

Here, we would like to share some information that we gained from the talk..
  • Professional roles and job requirements in BIA using the link below. 
         Link for roles and requirements information:
  • If you are interested in working with BIA, you can download the job application form which can you can download from the BSU web and send it through their given email address.
         Link for the job application form:
  • Also, if you are at your 2nd or final year, BIA is inviting all second and final year students enrolled in the following subjects to apply for attachment positions with them this summer:
         Actuarial Science, Accounting & Finance, Business 
         & Management, Risk Management, Economics, Law,  
         Auditing, Computing, Human Resources, Financial 
         Management, Finance & Investment, Real Estate and 
         related fields.

         This attachment program will offer a wealth of educational 

         information for you to gain a competitive advantage in  
         developing employability once you have completed 3 weeks 
         program. Download and fill the summer attachment 
         application form using the link below and send it to BIA.     
         Any queries, you can also contact them via email.
             Link for the attachment application form: 
         BIA email:

Hope that the shared information is useful! :) 

Ms Ratna (BIA)
Ms Erma (BIA)
President with his welcome speech..

Gulp gulp~

 Giving their attention to the talk..

Say "cheese~!"


                             Hope we will meet again~ :D                             

Stay tune for another post from !

Lots of love,

     Secretary 2013/14


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