Monday, 6 May 2013

Alnwick Castle and Garden Trip!

Assalamualaikum, Hi!

              On 20th April 2013, BNS organised a trip to Alnwick Castle and Garden, Northumberland. Alnwick (pronounced as Anik) Castle is one of the largest inhabited castles in Europe. Its home to the Duke of Northumberland's family, the Percys, through over 700 years of drama, intrigue, tragedy and romance! Within the castle, you will discover one of the finest private art collections in the country, accumulated by generations of the Percy family and wandering along Alnwick Castle's extensive walls and terraces, you will be able to appreciate its impressive setting, with amazing views over the surrounding countryside of rural Northumberland.

          Furthermore, for those who are a fan of Harry Potter, you may or may not already know that Alnwick Castle played a starring role as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly in the first two Harry Potter films. Additionally, the weather on that day was great for a time out at the Garden. The Garden consist of having this extraordinary centrepiece called the Grand Cascade. The Grand Cascade is known to be the largest water feature of its kind in the country. There was also a range of plants to see in the garden, from Cherry Orchard to roses, but unfortunately, when we were there, the cherry blossoms were not out yet. Nevertheless, it was a day well spent.

Thanks for reading! (I'll get some photos posted up soon!)  

Exterior of Alnwick Castle

Medieval Dress up!
Interior of Alnwick Castle

The Grand Cascade

Ziqah Jofray
VP 2012/13

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