Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Trip to Tynemouth and South Shield

Assalamualaikum, hi!

On 2nd of February, 2013, BNS went for a visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium, Tynemouth and also South Shield.

We took metro from the city centre (Monument) to Cullercoats for about 30 mins and then 5 minutes of walking to the aquarium. But of course it took more than 5 mins for us to walk there as we spent quite a lot of time enjoying the beach view from above and lots of taking pictures!

 Blue Reef Aquarium was such an amazing place. We got to see range of creatures from this region to even the tropical ones including the Amazon! Mostly there were marine animals. The seal show was the best part. Two demonstrators showed us a few tricks that the trained seals could do such as waving! Yup, waving just like a normal person does. Just say bye-bye, the seal will wave at you. Pretty awesome, right?

Then we took the ferry from North Shield to go across the River Tyne to reach South Shield to visit the small town and of course, to try the famous Colman's Fish and Chips Restaurant!

To end the visit, we went to Royal Quays outlet selling branded products at reduced retail price. Unfortunately, the time was not there as it was already closed. Oh well, maybe next time. Finally, we decided to skip the last visit and went straight home.

Thank you for reading and as usual, enjoy the photos below!
Noi and Nad just infront of the Cullercoats beach

The latest BNS Rock Band album cover (kidding)

At the aquarium entrance
An incomplete group photo inside the aquarium

On the ferry!

Zul-Fikar Ikram
President 2012/2013

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