Thursday, 18 March 2010

Two goals made BNS FC lalah

Two last minute goals destroyed BNS FC dreams to clinch their first ever silverware when they were beaten 2-1 by Bradford Alpha in the Bradford game last week. BNS FC took the lead though in the first half from Hifney from a rebound after a shot from Abg Zaidi was saved by Bradford Alpha goalie. During that match BNS captain, Wan was forced to be taken out due to injury. BNS FC was two minutes away from winning their first silverware when Ali snatched the equaliser for Bradford Alpha. When the game looks to end as a draw Bradford Alpha senior player Abg Wadi scores the winning goal for Bradford Alpha when his long range shot beat BNS FC goalkeeper Deco. Its a game that was hard to swallowed for the BNS FC players, although they got a chance on their final game against BruLeeds when a draw at least was just enough to put them on second spot but they failed to took that opportunity when they were thrashed 4-0 which ended BNS FC just a third place spot. 

Hifney and Hadi in action against LivBruPool

Wan and Hifney in action against Bradford Bravo

Wan was forced to be taken off due to injury

Frustration after the game

BNS goalkeeper dissapointed
A certificate of participation was just not enough for BNS FC but they were satisfied with their performance

BNS FC match results in the Bradford Game

BNS FC   7    vs    LivBruPool    1
Hifney 4
Hadi 2
Abg Zaidi 1
BNS FC   4     vs     Hanna FC (Keele)   2
Wan 3

BNS FC       vs     Bradford Bravo     0
Wan 2
Hifney 2

BNS FC      vs   Bradford Alpha     2

BNS FC     0   vs   BruLeeds      4

BNS FC Bradford Game 2010 Squad
From Left : Boo Boo (Nazeem), Rusdi, Hadi (Darren), Deco, Mann, Hifney, Abg Zaidi, Wan

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