Thursday, 25 March 2010

BruNotts Easter Game 'Press Conference'

For the upcoming BruNotts Easter game which will be held on the 27th of March 2010, Brunei Newcastle Society (BNS) will be participating for football and netball. In conjunction for the BruNotts Easter Game, BNS had organised a 'press conference' beforehand to see whats the team players expectations and  motivations for the upcoming game.

BNS President, Firdaus leading the Press Conference

BNS FC Captain, Wan
"Hope to be in the FINAL"

BNS FC most consistent player, Darren (Hadi)
"Just play your game"

BNS FC Goal Keeper, Deco
"Support each other, most important"

BNS Netball Team Captain, Nadz
"play for fun!"

BNS Netball Team player representative, Bibi
"usaha from the beginning made the team improved"

BNS Society Event Coordinator 2, Jimmy
"team moral and spirit is the main element for success"

BNS Family Cute!!!!

Photos by: Asnawi

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