Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Hello to all Bruneians,
First of all apologise for not updating this blog for quite a while. My laptop is dead, that's why this blog has not been updated since then. I just got the chance today to post something.

How are all the juniors doing? Bummer! I missed the BNS Halloween Party -- I do hope everyone had fun and of course enjoyed the food and companies :)

The weather in Newcastle is as usual: FREEZING and Christmas is just next month. Speaking of Christmas, I do advise all of you to come down to the toon and admire the Christmas Window by Fenwick. Also do not spend so much this month, because next month will be mad! There will be sale and most of all: The BOXING DAY! Save up all the cash and spend it all madly on 26th December 2009!

Am not very too sure what the President and the committees have in mind for Christmas and New Year 2010! I think there should be a ridiculous awesome party, am talking about BBQs, Singstar (maybe), Wii, Movie marathon, board games and such! As well as gift exchange or something. BNS committee will definitely come up with something eventually :)

Anyways, I got to Dash for my leisure time now, since I just got a new laptop (nothing fancy or expensive... Wish I don't have to spend my Vacation money and wished it was a VAIO as well). Oh well, I should be grateful either way. Before I log out, do TAKE a good care of your laptop & never attempt to force shut down when its updating its software. OR even let it turned on for days~ Give it a rest sometimes ;)

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