Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Earn some money?

An open invitation to all graphic designers/cartoonists/artists in Brunei (and to you Geordies in UK). I am willing to buy one original, creative and enjoyable comic book/novel at its worth. Participants can take their time creating their original comic book but it must follow under these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions:

1. Comic book/novel must have a story that begins and ends within one book. No continuations, no series, no episodes, just one full story. (Think of it as a whole movie in a comic book.)
2. There are no limits to how many pages you want in your comic book/novel. As long as the story ends in that comic book/novel.
3. Your comic book/novel must be in a .jpg format and secured into a pdf file. There is no need for hard copies.
4. Your comic book must be original and creative to be paid for. Payment will be Cash on Delivery but for you geordies, I will pay via paypal or bank transfer.
5. Your comic book/novel must have your very own signature to claim that it is rightfully yours and not stolen. This point is important, anyone found guilty will be notified and disqualified for future reference.
6. It must be of proper language. Either English or Malay. Both if preferred.
7. It must have a good storyline or at least a really addicting story to produce good content.
8. Your handwriting must be properly written as well.

How this is going to be done:

* You make your comic.
* You send it to me as a protected pdf file with a 7 days free trial feature via email.
* I will contact you if your comic storyline is original and the graphics are outstandingly creative. Also, if your comic has met all the terms and conditions stated above.
* I will buy your comic. (This may range from B$70 - B$200, depending on the market price or 30 pounds - 90 pounds)
* I will manage all the marketing, promotion and processes.
* You take 70% of the profits.
* 30% will go to more marketing and promotion.

Note: there is no deadline, so you may take as much time as you wish but best if it is done soon. This is to help search, cultivate and improve local Bruneian artists/cartoonists/graphic designers.

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