Saturday, 12 October 2013

BNS Ice Breaking 2013/14

Assalamualaikum wb,

Hai everyone, since the first semester of year 2013/2014 has started, we had an ice breaking session held at Leazes Park, last Sunday 6th of October 2013

We had a simple light ice breaking session, amazing race, Certificate of Appreaciation to the past committees 2012/13 and group photo session.

Here the bits and pieces of the day.

Current Committees 2013/14

Committees 2012/13 (excluding Emmy, Ex Treasurer)

All in all, we the committees sincerely apology to any less that might make you feel uneasy during the event. And thank you to everyone who came. Welcome to Newcastle, hope you will be having good time here and success in whatever you do. InsyaAllah. 
Welcome to the family, hope to see you again. 

نورعيني محمد على

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