Wednesday, 9 March 2011

BNS Motto Competition 2011

Assalamualaikum, everyone (:

We are holding a BNS Motto Competition 2011. Where our current motto is "feels like home". Now, we are inviting you, our current 2010-2011 BNS members, to come up with a Motto that means something to you, or describes your experience in Newcastle with BNS.

Submission of Motto opens NOW and closes on the -- 16th of March, Wednesday at 12:00PM, noon!

 - Winner's motto will be printed on the cuff of this year's hoodies
 - Motto will be retained for the next 2 years
 - Will get a £5 Primark voucher

1. This motto should NOT exceed more than 3 words. For example, "Aku Alai Manis" (consists of 3 words).

2. Motto can be in Brunei or standard Bahasa Melayu or in English.

3. Confidentiality. This is a highly confidential process. Motto should be sent privately, i.e. not through FB walls, comment boxes. It should be sent via private (one:one) text through phone or facebook message, or in any way that cannot be seen by the public.

4. Motto should only be sent to Miss Zakiah Ismail (07516962206).

5. Do not forget to state your NAME.
Don't worry, we know all of our members, so no other information will be needed ;)

This competition is only applicable to the current 2010-2011 Brunei Newcastle Society members in the UK.

Atiqah Ismail.

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