Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Chinese State Circus

Hello everyone,
I know am supposed to worry about my assignment due on 4th Jan which I barely started with. Well, I went to China Express last night for dinner. On the way to my usual bus stop, I saw a poster about The Chinese State Circus performing Mulan (feat the Shoalin Warriors) at Sage on 7th and 9th january ONLY! I booked my ticket for 2pm show on Saturday for less than £15!!! If you guys are interested, go on to this website to book your ticket, all the good seats are selling fast, be QUICK!

To all the Bruneians out there, good luck with all the assignments and upcoming exams, hope everything is fine with you all :-)

Happy New Year to all BNS members and comittees

Loads of love,
Bebs xx

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