Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Baugette Express

Did you know, Baugette Express served Halal Chicken?
I went there few days ago, VERDICT says: It is not too bad, but they are lacking with quantity wise! I only got few bits and pieces of BBQ chicken and filled with loads of Mozarella cheese! for £2.50 -- Personally money wise -- affordable and cheap, quantity -- very poor.

If any of you tried them before -- let me know what you think.

For more info: click Baugette Express

Before I leave all of you to drool on your keyboard -- Nandos also serves Halal chicken in The Gate!



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  1. is it near a post office and near the main street otw NCL uni? I think I went there before, because I remember buying a chicken meal there and it tasted amazing.... and if u know Quay Point Campus, there is a small shop next to a bar/club (i think Dex knows which one I mean), that shop also sold halal chicken buns and stuff..check it out..